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Karen Maugans

The Artist’s Statement

In all my fine art photography, I seek to create a balance of light and shadow which gives the subject a compelling sense of form and dimension. I am told that my images seem to “emerge off the surface,” or appear “three dimensional.”  Images are captured in my studio where I can control as many elements of the photographic process as possible. I carefully select my subjects for pleasing attributes and uniqueness and custom compose each tableau for originality.  All art pieces are signed, numbered and dated.  Editions are strictly limited to no more than 10, and most are retired sooner to make room for new projects.

Living Color: Botanicals & Shells

Botanicals are a subject of my photographic art because of their universal symbol of grace, beauty, peace, and longing. Nothing in nature rivals the remarkable variety of colors, textures, scents and forms of flowers, and their ubiquitous appeal.

Similarly, the exquisite shell-homes of sea creatures have long been treasured by humans. Shells have been used as currency, personal adornment, religious objects, and musical instruments. I feel honored to behold and photograph the former dwelling of a wild creature so alien in form to humans, yet so revered by us.

Photographing the pure, natural forms of flowers and shells keeps me grounded in the timeless beauty of Mother Earth’s creations.

Creating a journey of images: Kaleidoscopes

A few words from the artist about this fine art photography series:

My first kaleidoscopic image was inspired by clients who’d already purchased two of my Smoke pieces for their home. They wanted a third image to display between the other two that would complement them and create a cohesive set of three.

After much experimentation combining the two Smoke images by digitally cutting and pasting pieces of them together, I ultimately settled on a kaleidoscope-style combination which symmetrically merged the colors, shapes, and textures of the two images into one.

I’ve since made many kaleidoscopes by combining any number of images together. These pieces are available for purchase individually or together as a set.

Smoke and Mirrors

The exploration of the tenuous transient union of smoke with glass and metal is another subject of my work as a photographic artist. Weaving fragile glass structures and sturdy metal objects with fluid, rapidly-fleeting smoke, I capture the momentary union of solid and airborne into images that are intended to be provocative. I seek degrees of ambiguity in these images. The smoke often appears to yield to its inflexible partner with caresses that mold it into the shape of the solid object. At other times, the smoke appears to stab through the object with violence intended to shatter.

Shades of gray mingle in enduring (glass and metal) and ephemeral (smoke) encounters which are conveyed to the viewer in images which are particularly unique and entirely unreproducible.

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