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Fruit Harvest

Artist's Inspiration

“Fruit Harvest” was inspired by my father, who is a marvelous apple pie baker, and a lover of fruit in general.

Earle was born in 1933 in Montpelier, Vermont.  Throughout his teen years, he worked on his aunt’s farm in Randolph.  He bailed hay, milked cows and maintained the barns.  In early spring, he helped with sugaring the maple trees for maple syrup.

Although he broke with family tradition by going to college in Boston and supporting his family as a white collar worker, my father did not leave his roots far behind.  After he married, he returned to central Vermont where he planted and grew Balsam and Norway fir, as well as Scotch Pine Christmas trees, and many varieties of apple trees, primarily Macintosh.

When I wanted to go to gymnastics camp, dad drove me to the local farm and feed store to buy strawberry plants.  Together we planted them, he taught me how to care for them and I sold the strawberries to pay for camp.  He taught my brother, sister and me how to ride horses and be responsible, caring, community-oriented individuals.

When I think of fruit, especially the summer and late-summer harvests, I think of my father.

Happy Harvesting, Dad!

Karen 😉

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