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"Hydrangeas with Grapes"

Artist's Inspiration

I recently purchased this brass pitcher and bowl from an antique shop next door to my studio.  I considered several floral groupings as possibilities for a new still life composition, and settled on hydrangeas which were blooming in full glory.  I wanted the handle and spout of the pitcher to show with the blossoms full and hanging over the brim, and for one cluster of blossoms to reach down toward the bowl.  Now, what to place in the bowl?  The leaves of the hydrangea told me that green grapes would complement them nicely, so I took their advice and went to Whole Foods.  Looking now at the finished image, I see a gap in the cluster of grapes that the pink hydrangeas seem to be fitted for in just the right size.  Do you see it?  Almost like pieces of a puzzle.

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