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Radish Bouquet

Artist's Inspiration

I was photographing radishes recently, arranging them carefully on a pretty, little silver serving platter with their roots arranged in one direction and their greens in the opposite direction, when I noticed a flower vase on the counter waiting to be put to work.  Hmm… The radish greens were wilting a bit, so I placed the roots in the vase with water in an attempt to revive the greens.  I was intrigued to see that the root bulbs perfectly filled out the rounded portion of the vase, with the water and glass magnifying them so they appeared much larger than they really were.  Soon the greens perked up.  I added a few other flowers I had on hand, including weeping bottlebrush blossoms.  The result… “Radish Bouquet”.

It’s very satisfying to discover a new perspective in ordinary, everyday objects. 🙂

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