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St. James Court Art Show – Extraordinary Hospitality

The St James Court Art Show in Louisville, KY is the largest art show I’ve done to date. With over 700 artists and 300,000 visitors, this show is massive. And, amazingly, it all takes place on quiet, residential streets. Homes surrounding the venders’ booths are beautiful, old historic buildings, with their owners graciously offering meals and bathrooms to the artists.

When it began raining (hard) on the second of three days, the owner of one house near me said, “Don’t worry, it rains every year. Patrons will just put on their best garbage bag and will be out buying art anyway.” And she was right! Sales never slowed all of the three-day weekend, despite the sloppy and slippery rivers of mud. (Personally, if I had the choice of spending money on art or a rain jacket, I’d go for the jacket. But I’m immensely grateful for those who choose the art.) 🙂

My experience with the warm hospitality of the people in Louisville made me want to return for another visit. When the sun’s out.

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